screen work

1. Burnt Stars. Mash-up gallery walkthrough (4min)

Statt Berlin, Berlin 2013 and Articulate project space Sydney 2015

(German DAAD residency 2012-2013)

2. The hitchhiker’s guide to the Symbiocene. Video artwork (2min)

Articulate project space Sydney and Studio Ra Rome 2016, and Anthology Film Archives New York and Strangloscope Experimental Film, Audio & Performance Festival Brazil 2017

3. Solastalgia. Documentation of a performance at a multi-screen train carriage (2min)

(Cementa_15 Festival with Arts NSW residency)

4. Tied, Mayday 2006. Documentation of performance and multi-screen installation on the Tribal Warrior. Farm Cove, Sydney (1min)

(Funding: City of Sydney)DSCN6564

5. Placing stones as they are found.

(Australia-China Council residency supported by NAVA and the NSW MInistry for the Arts 2005).

Installation of work exploring mining and globalism from the contradictory careful singular action of “undoing” the trajectory of a few small decorative Chinese stones based on advice from people encountered in China. Another trajectory involving people from Uluru to the Australian coastline discussing their connection to stone. Through the connection between stone and bone, and stone and soul the lost, stolen, repressed and disrupted connections with our ancestral tradition through migration, deportation and imperialism are implied as well as Indigenous issues around repatriation. “Views” BAU Gallery, Shanghai and Loose Projects, Sydney 2006.