Moving image work

1. Burnt Stars – mixed media, 2015.

German DAAD residency 2012-2013, 4 minute gallery walkthrough.

Joseph Beuys finds his redemptive path channelling political thinker Hannah Arendt when crash landing his fighter plane onto Nazi sympathiser Martin Heidegger’s hut, as Hamburg activist Annalena Kirchler meets Harry Lime on the ferris wheel.

2. The hitchhiker’s guide to the Symbiocene moving image, 2016. Screened at New York Film Anthologies in 2017, 2 minute excerpt.

3. Solastalgia multi-screen train carriage performance and installation, 2015.

Cementa_15 Festival with Arts NSW residency, excerpt of documentation.

In this mash up of the Irish Potato Genocide and Australia’s neo-extractivism, coalmining impacted community members and artists performed as books from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 to highlight the capitalist crisis, and our social and political vacuum.

4. Tied, Mayday 2006. Performance and multi-screen installation on the Tribal Warrior, Farm Cove, Sydney.

Funded by the City of Sydney, 1 minute excerpt from documentation.

Funerary performance with members of the Pacific Island Mount Druitt Action Network intercut with the interviews with them about the tide risings that were shown on multiple computer screens inside the Tribal Warrior boat and sequences of the melting ice forms used in the performance.



5. Placing stones as they are found – Performance and multi-screen installation, 2006. 

Australia-China Council residency supported by NAVA and the NSW MInistry for the Arts 2005.

The work explores mining and globalism from the contradictory careful singular action of “undoing” the trajectory of a few small decorative Chinese stones based on advice from people encountered in China.







6. Preliminary investigation in California for the Lagoon reCycle visiting the Harrisons and the Salton Sea.

Helen and Newton read a section of the Lagoon Cycle that describes the compounding planning mistakes and short term focused commercial exploitation of the Salton Sea, which has caused irreparable environmental degradation (2012).

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