Dream catcher’s hunt

At the Vanishing Point Gallery Sydney, 2007

Dream Catcher’s Hunt, shown in The Howard Years, shows how governmentaility in an increasingly ‘user pays’ administratively repressive system distorts individual ideas about control and leads to further needless chains of exploitation where citizenry dealt with by government as numbers target those perceived weaker to reproduce the oppression of the oppressed by the oppressed.

American Stanley Harrison Junior is shown in the image, a total quadriplegic born with cerebral palsy, who is on his Dream Catcher’s Hunt with his Uncle Richard and hunting guide, Cord Hayes of Dream Mountain. On the Dream Catcher’s website it boasts how Stanley used adaptive technology to “harvest an 8 point 200 # Whitetail Buck taken with his Remington 30.06 modified with SR-77 attachments that allows him to sight in with his head and use a mouth piece trigger mechanism.” Flanking the image are strips of issued parking fines matched with corresponding parking machine dispensed tickets.