Surveillance series

Surveillance Series from the Shanghai Natural History Museum
“Governmentality” refers to a variety of historical periods and to different specific power regimes in relation to the calculated means of directing how we behave and act. My experience is related to Foucault’s work on “neoliberal governmentality”. In this case, power is de-centred and the knowledge produced means members play an active role in their own self-government allowing the construction of auto-regulated or auto-correcting selves.

‘Police’ is not simply a form of the ‘regulation mania’ of police but is identical both with the government and with the object and nature of the community as a whole’ (Oestreich, 1982:156).

My photographs show the hand-crafted exhibits of the Shanghai Natural History Museum that intentionally or unintentionally explore these ideas from local experiences.

Australia-China Council residency works Snap to Grid Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art Los Angeles, America and Artists Against Sedition,  Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre Sydney (2006).