Tony Abbott yule logs

Tony Abbott Yule Logs are hollowed-out previously felled pine sections anointed with Clandulla wattle, wine and oil for pagan cleansing TA yule log lowrituals. The logs were used in an event with over 100 people in attendance held in Clandulla at the Cementa_15 Festival in Kandos in April 2015. An Artlink article contextualises the work within my festival event titled Solastalgia.

Solastalgia ¬†involved the Wollar community, Mudgee District Environment Group and Wollar Progress Association led by Bev Smiles and targetted protest against the specific policies of the Australian government in relation to coalmining. US-owned Peabody International, the largest coalmining company in the world, own the Wilpinjong Coalmine that aims to expand its activity at Wollar that is already at the township’s doorstep.